Fertility Screening Camps for Men & Women
Put the Right Step Forward to See Baby Steps in the Future!

Why Fertility Screening Camps?

Infertility is fast becoming a roadblock for millions of couples who are eagerly waiting to cuddle their bundle of joy. There are many causative factors due to which this happens and things are not looking greener in the days to come. Instead of jumping into fertility treatments right away, it is highly essential to understand the root cause for infertility as generic treatments will not work on all men and women. We require both prospective and retrospective studies to arrive at the right treatment plan for the couple. Thorough research into the treatment protocol, drugs that need to be administered, suggestions for surgical or embryological improvements should all be analyzed step by step to finalize the issue at hand.

Awareness is the first step to solving infertility issues and screening camps are the stepping stones!

Fertility Screening Camps by GarbhaGnan Foundation– Who should go?

India is about to reach the replacement ration in the next 20 years and our population will stabilize by then or it may also start dropping. Infertility will become a major cause of concern then. In order to prevent such a catastrophe, it is required to conduct these fertility screening camps for all men and women who are in the fertility period.

How GarbhaGnan Foundation Can Help You Get ‘Garbha’ Gnan?

Infertility is not a curse, it is just a disease like any other, which can be cured with proper treatments given at the right time. Screen yourself with GarbhaGnan and ensure that you are wholesomely ready to bring another life into this world!

Sprinkles from the GarbhaGnan Foundation Magic:

  • 50+ Free Fertility Screening Camps across the length and breadth of Karnataka
  • 500+ women conceived through free medications and subsidized treatments
  • 2500+ free semen analysis done
  • 5000+ Couples screened, counseled and advised

GarbhaGnan Foundation plans to run collaborative projects in the field of infertility through awareness, research, treatments and training of doctors in Public Health Centers along with Corporates and Government organizations so that every couple is ready to have a child.

General overview-

How can corporates contribute or join hands with GG Foundation to bring about a change and how empowering it is?