Conducting fertility Health Camps in rural areas:

Unawareness is the main reason people in rural areas suffer from adverse fertility health complications. Conducting fertility health camps and providing health tips and recommendations is the best way to bring awareness among underprivileged people to lead a healthy life. As a responsibility to give back to society, these fertility camps empower people through education, health, and safe surroundings. GarbhaGnan Foundation contributes by social awareness to stay healthy and fit by conducting fertility health camps and medicine distribution programs. GarbhaGnan Foundation dedicatedly brings a positive change to the underprivileged section of society. It aims to help people in rural areas to know about their fertility and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Feeding booth during Independence Day in Lalbagh:

GarbhaGnan Foundation, as a social responsibility, sponsors and organizes a feeding booth during the Independence Day Flower Show at Lalbagh. This feeding booth is where the visiting mother can use and feed her baby in privacy. The booth is well maintained and provides a safe atmosphere for both mother and infant.

Paripoorna initiative to help BPL cardholders:

Due to the financial challenges, a BPL card holder’s dream of having a baby through IVF gets shattered. In such a scenario, Paripoorna, an initiative of GarbhaGudi IVF Centre in association with GarbhaGnan Foundation, gives a waiver for BPL patients who want to go in for IVF treatment, are incapable due to the high-costs. However, it is applicable for limited patients based on their eligibility.

Health talks conducted by Dr Asha for many corporations such as Sony, Infosys etc.

Today the corporate world is growing leaps and bounds. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, many people suffer from fertility health conditions but do not realize it. It results in individuals either not receiving treatment or not receiving it in time, although effective medicines and therapies are available. To prevent this occurrence, Dr Asha conducts fertility health talks. Fertility Health talks raise awareness and improve knowledge of diseases, their symptoms and treatment options. Ultimately, healthcare professionals and patients can only make informed decisions if they have accurate information. Through GarbhaGnan Foundation, Dr Asha seeks to empower communities, medical professionals and patients with appropriate tools, knowledge and skills so that they can make high-quality, informed decisions on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, and disease management.