Case study of patients who came to camp, got tests done and they found success in GG

Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system due to which women fail to achieve pregnancy in their reproductive years (15-49) after regular unprotected sex for twelve or more months. The problem of infertility confronts millions of people worldwide. In India, both the urban and the rural areas are equally affected by infertility. Due to awareness and education, urban couples come up openly with their problems and seek treatment whereas; it is not the same with the rural people for several reasons.

The GarbhaGudi IVF association with GarbhaGnan Foundation organizes rural fertility health camps. These fertility health camps help create awareness about the causes, symptoms and treatment options available today.

Shankar and Gauri, married for five years, were the participants of infertility awareness camps. At first, they were hesitant to share their problems. But later, the comforting words of the doctor made them share their concern. Our fertility doctors organized some basic fertility screening tests. The problem identified and diagnosed. The couple underwent counselling and asked to visit any of the branches of GarbhaGudi IVF. Our fertility doctors at GarbhaGudi examined their basic reports and suggested how they go further with the treatment. The couple hailed with success as they hold their bundle of joy. The couple was thankful to GarbhaGudi for everything from organizing the fertility camps, counselling and convincing them to go ahead with the treatment and finally delivering them the miracle.

There are many such rural area cases that GarbhaGudi has resolved and brought a happy change in their lives. GarbhaGudi IVF- A place where your dream of parenthood comes to life!  The happiness and gratitude the couples express by holding their baby in their hands are immeasurable.

Feedbacks of users who used the feeding booth in Lalbagh:

Sneha Rao: I visited the flower show at Lalbagh. I had my 5-month-old baby with me. Thanks to the feeding booth sponsored by GarbhaGudi, I was able to feed my baby in privacy.

Anushka Kamath: Thanks to GarbhaGudi for organizing a feeding booth where I could feed my 8-months-old baby. The ambience of the feeding booth was pleasant, comforting where our privacy maintained.

Sushma Kanthimath: I was so relieved when I got to know about the feeding booth. I was at the flower show with my 6-months-old baby when my baby suddenly started crying. The security then suggested the available feeding booth. We felt comforted and relaxed as we used the feeding booth. Thanks to GarbhaGudi.

The feeding Booth sponsored by GarbhaGudi is in itself a blessing in disguise. The comfortable private ambience makes the infants and the mothers feel at home. It has comforted thousands of mothers and their babies to find privacy and comfort and reminds them of stories of change in today’s world. Thanks to GarbhaGudi.

How paripoorna helped BPL cardholders to get successful treatment:

India is a land with a 1.3 billion population approx.  The standard of living in India shows a geographical disparity as well. For example, the rich-class boasts world-class medical establishments, luxurious hotels, sports facilities and leisure activities similar to that of the first world developed nations, but with widespread poverty in rural areas, where medical care tends to be very basic or unavailable. Likewise, infertility is also affecting the population nationwide. The infertility stats keep increasing day by day.

Infertility is soul-crushing and challenging. Despite the various fertility treatment options available today, it is unavailable and inaccessible in low/middle-income societies due to the prohibitive costs compounded by an absence of financing. It becomes even more challenging for the BPL cardholders (lower income groups) in rural areas. Keeping in mind the plight of the middle income and lower-income groups (BPL cardholders), the GarbhaGudi IVF association with GarbhaGnan Foundation has initiated the Paripoorna Act. Under this act, the BPL cardholders (unable to bear the costs) get a beneficial waiver on IVF treatment. But it is applicable for limited patients based on their eligibility.

One such example is Bharat and Renu, BPL cardholders who got the benefits of the Paripoorna Act. The eligible couple got a discount on the IVF treatment cost. And their success depicts the couple having a healthy baby who has changed their lives positively.

GarbhaGudi IVF through Paripoorna has transformed the lives of thousands of couples. They pride and share the success in making their lives happier than ever before by bringing in stories of change.